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Sony announces B-Boy

Leg it.

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Sony plans to leverage hip-hop's fourth core to support PlayStation 2 and PSP owners who "can't stop freezing".

"B-Boy", developed as a collaboration between FreeStyleGames, "Crazy Legs" and "DJ Hooch", will arrive this September just as the weather starts to hit.

"SCEE and FreeStyleGames have managed to put together this game in a way that means the hip-hop community can be sure that the integrity and art of b-boying won't be compromised," said Legs.

Not only will it solve problems with freezing, but it will also help keep "power move monsters" away from the streets where their flailing limbs could crack pipes.

Mmm, crack pipes. [THWACK - Ed]

[B-Boy is a b-boy culture inspired action dance something-or-other game due out this September on PS2 and PSP. There are more than 800 mo-capped moves, 21 venues and 40 rival b-boys to battle and earn respect from, including some fellows called Kamel, Crumbs, Hong10 and Mouse, and more than 40 licensed hip-hop/funk songs involved. You can also create and manage your own b-boy. - Ed]

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