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Akella resurrects Sabotain

Role-playing FPS finds new publisher.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Publisher Akella has acquired the rights to Avalon Style's role-playing FPS Sabotain: Break the Rules (formerly Fist Of The Empire) from beleaguered German publisher CDV, which decided not to proceed with the game's release in 2003.

Sabotain, a futuristic role-playing first-person shooter, puts the player in the role of a secret agent working on behalf of the Empire, sent into the heartland of its enemy the Confederation to undermine its strength and security through subterfuge. The player will engage in all sorts of missions; sabotage, infiltration, rescue, intelligence-gathering, thievery, reconnaissance, assassination and even out-and-out combat across 17 core missions, but ultimately the player will get to choose whether he (or she) wants to fight for the Empire, or believes the Confederation has the right answer. The player can even join the Rebellion, which has beef with both major civilisations.

Due out in the spring, Sabotain sounds like quite an inventive little sci-fi parable, which given the right handling could emerge as something really intriguing. Enjoy these new screenshots borrowed from the publisher's website.

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