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Kevin Bachus talks Phantom

"If this is done properly, it could change the business model of the industry..."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following his surprise appointment as the president of Infinium Labs, Kevin Bachus spoke candidly with in an exclusive interview about the controversial company and its plans for the Phantom game service.

In this lengthy interview, Bachus gave us an insight into his thoughts on joining the company and his plans going forward - with honest commentary on the difficulties faced by the company up until now, especially in terms of its relationship with the media, and the tough road ahead.

He speaks about the company's vision for the Phantom console and game network, its plans for a proper launch ahead of E3 and a retail launch before the end of the year, where he sees the console fitting in with the existing industry business model - and where it will potentially change the business model for the better.

With Infinium Labs suddenly firmly positioned in the industry's radar, be sure not to miss this definitive insight into the company as it gears up to launch the most ambitious gaming on demand system yet.

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