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War World heading to XBLA

Mech battler due in six months.

Looks like another PC game is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, with Third Wave Games reportedly planning to release upcoming mech shooter War World on both formats.

That's according to Australians PALGN, who spoke to Third Wave CEO Morten Brodersen at a recent event in Melbourne, where he said the game had been approved by Microsoft and picked up by an unnamed publisher.

It'll be out in "around six months", apparently, with the team currently working to reduce the overall file-size so it slides under Live Arcade's 50MB maximum, and also spending time converting textures and tweaking graphics to take advantage of the console's impressive hardware.

War World won't be the first PC game to make the leap of course, following on as it does from the likes of Outpost Kaloki and RoboBlitz, which is due out on Live Arcade shortly.