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PS3 robbery an inside job - cops

But they can't find the consoles.

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Police in Sacramento, California have charged a pair of 19 year-olds with embezzlement, burglary and conspiracy following an armed robbery at GameStop.

On 16th November, the day prior to the PlayStation 3's American launch, Tauryn Robert Hodge called the Elk Grove police claiming that masked gunmen had entered the store he worked at and relieved his employers of four brand new PS3 consoles.

Unfortunately for Hodge, and his friend Gerald Anthony Keys, police aren't buying that version of events, and have instead charged the pair - with Hodge also cited for filing a false police report - after gathering information that "wasn't consistent with a robbery".

Yep, the police reckon they did it, although they've apparently been unable to reclaim the PS3s in the week since. "There may or may not be additional parties involved," an officer told the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Try eBay, would be our advice.

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