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WayForward announces Shantae Advance

Shimmy shimmy shimmy, shake shake shake.

None of us here can belly dance; despite numerous intoxicated attempts to hone the art, the skill continues to evade us. Having said that, we're willing to bet Tom can do an amazing impression of the wobble thing Chunk does in The Goonies. We'll tell you someone who can belly dance though, and that's Shantae.

Shantae is a Guardian Genie, and was the star of the well-received eponymous Capcom platformer on the Game Boy Color, and we've had word that it will soon be receiving a Game Boy Advance sequel. The latest project by WayForward Technologies - will apparently be far larger than its predecessor and include a rather curious ability to "swap between the front and back yard of each level".

Even better than whatever that last thing means, Shantae can transform into a monkey, and elephant, a mermaid and more by having her 'get her groove on' and belly dance. Ace! Belly dancing monkeys! Last but not least, Shantae Advance will feature a 2-4 player battle mode set in a "deadly rotating arena". Nice. A release date for Shantae Advance is still up in the air as WayForward Technologies has yet to find a publisher for the project. Good luck with that, though! [Shimmies]