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DOOM movie making progress

WB forced to get backsides in gear.

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Id Software's Todd Hollenshead has spoken to American magazine CGW about the upcoming DOOM movie, shedding a little light on how the developer's agreement with Warner Brothers differs to previous deals struck with Columbia and Universal - both of which saw the rights revert to Id after a period of inactivity.

According to Hollenshead, a revised script doing the rounds is looking good, and Warner Brothers is fast tracking the movie with John Wells and Lorenzo Bonaventura working to put it together. Indeed, WB has to fast track the movie, because the Id/WB deal is a cleverly structured "progress-to-completion" deal, which offers no money up front but gives WB strict deadlines to deliver a script, green light the movie, start filming, etc, or else the rights revert back to Id Software. "Our deal is actually putting time pressure on Warner Brothers to not sit and wait on the movie," Hollenshead told CGW.

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