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Acclaim and Mirra make up over XXX suit

Expect a new Dave Mirra's BMX game announcement soon.

Publisher Acclaim has settled its differences with Dave Mirra over shameful T&A peepshow BMX XXX, and will shortly announce a new game bearing his likeness. Back in February, Dave made headlines by filing suit against Acclaim over the alleged game - the, er, allegedly contract-breaching game - demanding $21 million and bitching about the game on various grounds.

According to yesterday's announcement, the lawsuit has now been settled "with no monetary or other damages being paid by either side". Dave will now continue to serve under contract with Acclaim until the year 2011, and one of the first fruits of the restored deal will be a new multi-platform BMX title for next-generation consoles (by which obviously they mean current generation consoles).

"I'm glad that this issue is behind us," Dave said in a statement. "I look forward to working with Acclaim and to continue making the best BMX videogames available for fans of the sport," he added.