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Carmack sues Id Software

Not John, the other one.

It's been revealed that Activision attempted to buy Doom developer Id Software for USD 105 million last year after Id co-founder Adrian Carmack launched a lawsuit against his former colleagues.

Carmack - who is no relation to fellow co-founder, John Carmack - alleges that he did not voluntarily retire from the company as claimed, but was effectively forced out of his job.

Court documents submitted in the case show that Activision attempted to buy Id's Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein properties for USD 90 million. The publisher offered a further USD 15 million to buy the company outright.

The documents also show that Id earned sales of USD 30 million last year, making for a USD 10 million profit.

Carmack, who is a 41 per cent shareholder in Id, claims that his former colleagues' refusal to accept Activision's offer has cost him up to USD 30 million.

He says that after the deal was rejected his fellow other co-owners attempted to buy his shares - but he refused. As a result, Carmack alleges, they began closely monitoring his hours, stripping him of privileges and denying him access to important documents.

In addition, Carmack claims, the co-owners stopped redistributing profits as dividends in 2004 - a practice that was worth USD 3.5m annually to Carmack.

In accordance with Carmack's contract, he is legally bound to sell his shares back to Id now that he has left the company. But Carmacks' lawyers argue that since he was forced out, the contract should be declared null and void.

The case continues.