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Legend reveals Unreal 2 MP plans

Sounds a bit like lots of other games we've played.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Legend's Scott Dalton has revealed details with regards to the developer's upcoming plans for Unreal II's multiplayer aspects, but more specifically the game's team-based mode XMP which will feature in the forthcoming Xbox port and as a free multiplayer expansion for owners of the PC version. The basic idea of XMP - which is currently in its beta stages - seems to be a capture-and-hold dynamic, with players fighting over energy and deployment points whilst simultaneously attempting to retrieve four artefacts.

Teams will consist of ranger, tech and gunner classes, but some skills are shared between classes with varying degrees of ability. The ranger is a light-armoured class, and assumes a kind of medic/assassin role. The tech is a medium-armoured soldier capable of armour repair, hacking and defence deployment. Finally, the gunner is a heavy armour class specialising in demolitions and heavy weapons. XMP will also feature three types of vehicle: the two-man Raptor, the three-man Harbinger and the Juggernaut, a two-man battle tank. It sounds a bit like a budget PlanetSide to us.

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