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Daxter dev's new PSP game

Based on a licensed property.

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Ready At Dawn, the studio behind rather excellent PSP adventure Daxter, has confirmed that a second game for Sony's handheld is already in development.

In an interview with, RAD president Didier Malenfant said: "We're working on a new PSP game which is using a licensed property. Just like Daxter, it's a project we pitched to the people who owned the rights to the property as opposed to having a publisher come to us with an idea.

"Just like Daxter, it's our very own take on the licence and I'd be very surprised if this doesn't become one of the most anticipated PSP game when it's announced," he added.

The new game is "already light years away from what Daxter achieved in terms of performance," according to Malenfant.

"We're going to push the limits once again with this game, and I'm very excited about this."

Malenfant also confirmed that the engine RAD used to make Daxter is now being licensed to third parties. "The response has been awesome so far, especially when the developers realise that the best part about it is not just the rendering engine but the complete content creation pipeline that we provide with it.

"We're calling it the "Ready At Dawn Engine"," he stunningly revealed.

There's no word on when the new game will be released, which is hardly surprising since they haven't said what it's called or which licence its based around. But we'll keep you posted.

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