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Italian Job's an LA Heist

Or so it says 'ere, with more Eidos dates including Commandos 3 and Deus Ex...

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The game of the Italian Job remake is to be called The Italian Job: LA Heist in Europe by the looks of Eidos' latest release schedule, and is currently set for a September 12th release on PS2, Xbox and Cube. Eidos recently told various UK journos not to link any reviews or previews of the game from the US, where it's already out, because it would be "much too early" to preview a September title. And not, for example, because it's been universally panned and Game Rankings has it at less than 60 per cent on all three formats. A shame really, because apparently the film isn't as awful as it looks.

Other interesting items on Eidos' schedule include the confirmation that Republic is due out in September, along with a firm September 26th date for Commandos 3: Destination Berlin on the PC and a tentative Christmas estimate for Deus Ex: Invisible War on PC and Xbox. We certainly hope so, because it looked fantastic at E3 in May...

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