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APB for Xbox 360

And PC too, of course.

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Webzen has confirmed that All Points Bulletin - the new MMOG from developer Real Time Worlds - is coming to Xbox 360 as well as PC.

It's a "massively multiplayer freeform combat and driving-based game" being developed under the leadership of David Jones, the man who invented the old Grand Theft Autos.

"As an avid gamer and creator of many single-player games, it has been my dream to create an online game experience that provides the player with the ultimate freedom to do whatever he wants, in a thriving, living environment," says Jones.

And that's just what we'll get, apparently. You can expect "intense game play in a highly volatile world filled with dramatic car chases, shootouts, busts, escapes and arrests", plus the option to customise your character without the bother of having to level up - choosing everything from their appearance and attitudes to their taste in music. You can also earn cash rewards throughout the game, and use them to buy new weapons, vehicles and character enhancements.

APB takes place in various famous cities across the globe, and centres around a turf war between two main factions - the Squads, who seek to uphold the law, and the Gangs, who seek to break the law and then use the pieces to batter the Squads about the face at every opportunity.

The PC game is out in early 2007, while Xbox 360 owners will have to wait a whole extra year for the console version. Ah well.

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