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U Move Super Sports for EyeToy due soon

Konami's sports-themed EyeToy title is on track for release in Europe this September, the publisher has announced.

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Konami of Europe has announced plans to release U Move Super Sports, a package of fifteen sports-themed mini-games, for EyeToy this September. Rather like the original EyeToy: Play suite of challenges, UMSS is high score-based and features support for small multiplayer tournaments.

Amongst the mini-games on offer are Perfect Goal (save a penalty from a CPU striker), Hole in One (golf), Rugby Crash (tackle a rugby player) and some we don't know much about other than their names - Ball-Tossing Aliens, Yellow Card (also football) and Sling Shot. In addition to these games, UMSS will apparently have other, more puzzling mini-game tasks accessible via its "Art Studio" mode. Screenshots can be found here.

Although obviously we're waiting to get our hands on it before passing judgement, it will be interesting to see whether or not the games-buying public is still interested in fairly open-ended high score-based EyeToy titles. Following the critical and commercial failure of EyeToy: Groove, many developers seem to be trying a bit harder - Sega SuperStars, for example, is level rather than high score-based, and more challenging than any of the official titles.

Nevertheless, we have a feeling that diving around the living room palming imaginary balls over the crossbar could prove rather popular in the run-up to Christmas. We'll let you know whether or not it is whenever we get our hands on U Move Super Sports. Oh, and since it's the obvious joke, we'd suggest that Konami doesn't license David Beckham's image for the CPU striker in the Perfect Goal scenario. Otherwise it might prove just a little too easy...

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