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Footy management from SEGA

The Japanese variety.

SEGA's bringing its Japanese PS2 football management game with the brilliant name - Let's Make a Soccer Team! - to Europe. No word on when yet, but there are screenshots and of course some factimajigs for budding touchline masticators to grind their brain-jaws over.

Of course, SEGA's already got a fairly good football manager game in the shapes of SI's, er, Football Manager series, but this is a little bit different - you're put in charge of a club England, France, Holland, Italy, Germany or Spain struggling to break through into the second division, with just three matches left in the season and some jerk trying to take over the club.

Winning promotion sees him off, and from then on you're aiming for loftier things - top championships and Europe - by buying and selling players, setting up training and tactics, and sorting out the business side of things with your personal secretary (let's hope she's better than the one in Pro Evo Soccer Management), even designing the badge and kit, arranging sponsorship and merchandise, expanding the grounds and adding new facilities.

There'll also be media involvement (yay! Go media!) and rival managers' mind-games to take into account, and the results of your endeavours will be borne out in the spangly 3D match engine SEGA's prepared which looks, well, like a 3D match engine, as you can see in the shots.

Right now that's your lot, but as soon as there's more, we'll tell you.