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Chibi-Robo out in May

Get yourself plugged in.

Nintendo has confirmed that GameCube title Chibi-Robo is coming to Europe, announcing that the game will be out here in May.

Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure sees you guiding a three inch tall household robot (the titular Chibi) round a great big 3D family home. He's tasked with keeping the family happy and improving his robot rankings by keeping the house shipshape, with the help of special Chibi Tools.

Chibi will come across 'Moolah' as he explores, which he can use to buy shiny new Chibi Gear such as a Chibi-Copter, which allows him to hover over gaps. There's also a Chibi Blaster, which is handy for opening up secret areas and fending off enemy robot spiders. These 'Spydorz' can be recycled into new objects, such as ladders which enable Chibi to reach high up places.

Chibi needs regular charging to keep his energy up, so you'll need to seek out power sockets as you explore the house. Each time his robot ranking improves, so too will his battery life.

During the day you'll get to meet the family, but when they're asleep at night all the toys in the house come to life. You can interact with both humans and toys, entertaining them to earn 'happiness points' or accepting extra tasks to get more Moolah.

Chibi also has a range of costumes to choose from - he can put on his pyjamas at night, for example, or dress up as a frog and head out to the pond for a chat with the locals.

Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure is out on May 26th. Check back for an import review soon.