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AM2 boss backs Vice City

Brave man.

Sega AM2 boss Makoto Osaki has come out in support of the Grand Theft Auto series, a day after the Haitian group suing Take-Two other Vice City content switched their case to a state court to escape supposedly liberal federal freedom-of-speech laws.

In an extremely forthright interview with GameSpy this week, Mr. Osaki said he personally felt Grand Theft Auto III was very well designed, and he enjoyed the emphasis on setting and storytelling. Turning to the now sadly infamous "Kill the Haitians" mission objective, he seemed surprised it had caused such a fuss.

"I think these are important parts of the story and ways in which the game's narrative is presented," he told GameSpy. "It's definitely not something suitable for children though. That's what the game ratings are for," he added, no doubt capturing the mood of a lot of exasperated gamers groaning as more bad news seeps out of GTA-hating Florida.

Mr. Osaki was also happy to discuss videogame violence in general. "Because it's far more realistic looking now, there is a louder outcry," he observed, before turning to Oscar-winning Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine. "I think shows that a lot of violence is sociologically based instead of the fault of things like games, books, or movies." Makoto Osaki for president!