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PS3 hacking contest

Win one by breaking one.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A PlayStation 3 owner is inviting people to hack their way into his console - with the first person to manage it winning the machine itself.

Shimpinomori's website is offering a PS3 with a 160GB hard disk, Linux pre-installed, Resistance: Fall of Man and an HDMI cable to anybody who can break in and swap a few files around.

The website itself is running on the PS3, he says, and in order to win the console bundle interested parties need to do a "clean" hacking job ("no DOS, no dirty attack which saturate the Internet tubes") and then swap out the photograph of a baby holding a PS3 box currently displayed for another file, send an email and post some notices on a forum.

As you can see from the site itself though, nobody's managed it yet.

The hacking contest is running until January 2007.

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