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Human Soft working on N-Gage/PSP title

Which means plenty to the average Joe.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Human Soft is working on a "commando-type action-platform game" called Joe for Nokia N-Gage and Sony PSP according to a listing on the developer's website.

Says the little bullet point list, Joe the game stars Joe the commando, who can do all sorts of commando-related things, including the usual permutations on run-and-jump, with platform game puzzle elements and various power-ups spread over four single-player missions (each comprised of eight levels and strewn with terrorist and robotic adversaries).

Apparently we can expect large, detailed characters engaging in plenty of hand-to-hand combat throughout military environments, hijacked trains and places like that, although two early screen grabs on the same page are a little unflattering. The game will also apparently feature four-player multiplayer.

Human Soft's website also lists a game called Run Away (no further details) which is also set to appear on N-Gage alongside Nokia Series60 and Sony Ericsson P800 versions.

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