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Say 'Halo' to the Peugeot Hoggar

It won't flinch.

It may not have a rear-mounted machine gun or rocket launcher, but as those eagle-eyed folks at GameSpot rightly point out, the new Peugeot Hoggar concept car still has a lot in common with Bungie's all-terrain Warthog buggy from Halo. In fact, when Microsoft gets round to suing them, we're hoping they'll seize and decorate a load of them so we can race around shooting people at X04. (Note: actual lawsuit may vary.)

Sadly neither Microsoft or Peugeot seems to be talking about this "son of the desert" and its relationship with Bungie's first-person shooter, but, well, it's got to be at least "inspired by", right? Anyway - it's an open-top two-seater, which actually reminds this writer of the buggy from the start of Star Trek: Nemesis (which was even more clearly a Warthog rip-off!), and it looks like it could drive on anything. The only snags are that it might be a bit chilly around here at this time of year, it probably doesn't come with a CD player as standard and if it's anything like the Warthog it'll handle like you're driving on an air hockey table.

Still, er, we do want one.