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New Battlefield Vietnam trailer

Are there surfboards in it?

EA has released a new trailer for DICE's forthcoming Battlefield Vietnam over at the official Battlefield site. To have a look for yourselves, just click on that picture of the strapping young chaps and their chopper there.

The trailer isn't especially big on details, using its one minute and forty-two seconds of what appears to be in-game footage (we can't actually tell because the video's such low quality and tiny) cut together like a series of dramatic scripted events - very much like the previous trailer in fact. There's a big emphasis on helicopters - a first for Battlefield if you don't count the Desert Combat mod - showing them off swooping past enemies with machine gun fire rattling from the side, and peppering the ground with napalm. The lush jungle environments are also evident of course, with soldiers wading through grassy marshes trying to avoid the bullets splashing into the water around their waists, and snipers creeping through thick undergrowth. It certainly all looks rather atmospheric and, indeed, rather promising.

Battlefield Vietnam is currently scheduled for release in the Spring next year, where we imagine it would face some stiff competition in NovaLogic's similarly promising modern jungle warfare title Joint Operations, which is due on the shelves around the same time. War, eh?