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Hulk 'supercode' hidden in the movie!

And not so hidden on the internet, one would imagine.

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If you didn't heed our advice on The Hulk and went and bought it anyway, then this one's for you. According to Universal Pictures, the cinematic release of The Hulk (which this writer thoroughly enjoyed, it must be said) plays host to a hidden "supercode", which, when applied to the recently released game, lets players play through in the green goliath's original colour - grey.

OK, it's not exactly groundbreaking stuff, nor particularly super, but comic book aficionados are sure to appreciate this apparent homage to the series' origins. Back in the 60s when The Incredible Hulk began, it took until issue two for somebody to say "hey, that guy would look great in green".

So, how to activate the mode, or input the supercode? Well, keep an eye on the movie in the scene just before Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk for the first time, and if you spy the code, then just enter it into any computer terminal in the game to reap your reward.

Or, if that doesn't tickle your fancy, then, er, wait for someone to post it on the interweb and do it that way...

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