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Russobit-M videos


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Russobit-M has released a couple of DivX trailers for upcoming titles Xenus and Neuro.

Xenus is an action-RPG set in Columbia, in which the player as Kevin Myers is attempting to rescue his journalist sister. We're not sure at which point he gets his hands on heat-seeking rocket launchers and helicopter piloting skills, but what follows appears to be a sort of present-day Deus Ex in the jungle. Environments appear lush and there are some lovely environmental effects on show, but the combat looks like it could leave a lot to be desired.

The other video is of Neuro, a slightly whimsical-looking futuristic (hurrah!) FPS (woohoo!) in which the player is "psionic," meaning he can utilise psychic abilities to do... well, you know... stuff. The trailer features some interesting uses of English though - Neuro is apparently "Coming on Q1 2004."

Here's a list of mirrors for your amusement and instruction:



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