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PS2 price cut excludes UK

But is gunning for £129.99 anyway.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation 2 looks set to retail at €199 across Europe this week, but anybody darting off to the shops in the UK is sure to be disappointed. For some reason, we've been left hanging with an immovable £169.99, something that Sony doesn't seem all that keen to comment on. Throw in the requisite memory card and a game of your choice and the console still represents some £240, loads more than either of its competitors.

Fortunately though, some retailers don't seem to like official price tags. In fact, cheeky old sent word this morning that in addition to offering GameCube at £79.99 and Xbox at £119.99, it is now stocking Sony's emotional games console for a rather delightful £129.99. Although the likes of Amazon also discount the console (£149.99), this is the best price for a new PS2 we've seen in a while.

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