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'No announcement yet' on SiN 2, says Ritual

Ritual CEO plays it cool as internet rumours of sequel to old days FPS spread.

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Following the recent emergence of rumours surrounding a possible sequel to PC first-person shooter SiN, Ritual CEO Steve Nix has hinted that it could well be on the way.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, Nix admitted that, "As much as I would love to say more, we are not making any product announcements just yet."

Activision - the publisher of the original - claimed to know nothing about a sequel when contacted yesterday.

Nix's comments follow the appearance of a Sin 2 holding page on Ritual's website.

The page reads "Welcome to the future home of LifeWorks", complete with fancy logo, and the legal line "LifeWorks is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of SinTEK Corp. All rights reserved." SinTEK, you may recall, was the evil multinational corporation responsible for illegally altering people's DNA in the original game.

But according to reports, this isn't the first time such a page has appeared. Ritual registered the domain some two years ago and put up a holding message reading "Welcome to the future home of LifeWorks."

US website Shacknews later quoted the lead designer at Ritual, Tom Mustaine, as saying the game had been cancelled because they couldn't find a publisher. now displays the same page as the one linked to Ritual's site.

It's been more than five years since everyone thought SiN was going to be the best PC first-person shooter ever - only to realise that Half-Life, which came out around the same time, was rather better. And had less bugs.

With E3 just around the corner it seems likely that Ritual is waiting to show off the new title then, so expect more news in May.

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