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Pirates of the Caribbean MMO

Time for more timber-shivering and buckle-swashing with Disney's new online effort.

Hoist the sails, splice the mainbrace and wheel out all the other clichés - Disney is doing a massively multiplayer online RPG based on the Pirates of the Carribbean franchise.

The game, which is being designed by Disney's VR Studio, will allow you to create your own pirate character and team up with others to form a crew (of the ship's variety rather than rap, presumably).

You then get to go off plundering, pillaging and decking both other players and evil pirate skellingtons to your weaselly heart's content. It's not yet known what the monthly subscription fee will be. Or if it will be CURSED.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the second MMO from Disney Online, who launched Toontown Online - the first 3D MMORPG aimed at families and children - back in 2003.

The game will go on release in summer 2006 in conjunction with the new film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, plus previously announced tie-in titles for the PSP and DS.

The movie is currently being shot on location in Dominica where it has come under fire from a tribal chief. He has criticised the filmmakers for portraying his ancestors as cannibals in a scene which shows Johnny Depp being spitroasted.