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Difficult Questions for free!

PublicBeta relaunches its website and offers its first publication, Difficult Questions About Videogames, for free for a limited time.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PublicBeta, an organisation dedicated to pushing live events and publishing the best new material about videogames and videogame culture, has announced that it will be celebrating the relaunch of its website by offering its first videogame book Difficult Questions About Videogames for free for a limited time.

Difficult Questions About Videogames is a compilation of responses to difficult questions asked over the past eight months by editors Iain Simons and James Newman, such as "What is a videogame?" and "How can you tell if a videogame is rubbish?" There are 969 responses in all, with contributions from the likes of Warren Spector, Eugene Jarvis, Jeff Minter, Scott Miller, Demis Hassabis and a host of others.

The book is available for literally nothing - normal price £14.95 - if you head over to and navigate your way to the shop section. And we suggest you pause and have a read of the site while you're there too.

Difficult Questions About Videogames is published by Suppose Partners, and those of you who respect the idea enough to dodge this limited freebie and pay some money for it can find it on Amazon UK here.

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