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Sammy aims for global domination

Overseas expansion for Sega's new masters.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pachinko machine maker Sammy is moving to capitalise quickly on its recent acquisition of a large stake in Sega, signing a new alliance with International Game Technology which will give it the ability to launch full-scale overseas operations.

US-based International Game Technology Is the world's largest manufacturer of slot machines, which ties in with Sammy's twin businesses - the manufacture of pachinko gambling machines, and of arcade systems.

Sammy plans to use this new alliance as a springboard to the launch of full overseas operations, using the technology and franchises which it now controls through its shareholding in Sega.

Late last year, Sammy made it clear that it wanted Sega to focus more on development for arcade systems - specifically Sammy's own low-cost Atomiswave cabinets, which it hopes can be rolled out in the developing world as well as in existing marketplaces in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

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