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Who won our TrackMania/Scalextric competition?

Find out if it was you! (It wasn't. Mostly.)

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Expensive Scalextric sets are a lot like high class whores - you can't afford them, you shouldn't really spend money on them, but if you do take the plunge so to speak [eurgh -Ed] then you'll have hours of fun sliding metal toys through grooves and [that's quite enough of that one -Ed].

Suffice to say we all wanted that premium Scalextric Le Mans set - the grand prize in our giveaway to celebrate the November 28th release of TrackMania from Nadeo and Digital Jesters, but only one of us could ever win it, and that one is a chap by the name of Nathan Jones. Lucky bastard. He also gets a copy of the game, which hardly seems fair, but there you go.

As for the other four copies of the game, those go to Tom Brocken, Ali Hamidi, Dean Thorpe and Len Miller, who were named in a fit of ceremonial randomness earlier today. We'll be sending emails to all the winners very soon, and we'd like to say thanks to those of you who entered, and to Digital Jesters for putting up the prizes.

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