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Dungeon Siege expansion demo

Get excited and then buy it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The original Dungeon Siege received a somewhat lacklustre reception on this site many moons ago, somewhat going against popular opinion of Gas Powered Games' action RPG. Still, with the forthcoming Legends of Aranna standalone expansion pack and Dungeon Siege II on the way next year, our faith could yet be restored.

Which brings us cunningly and quite neatly onto a demo announcement; a 248MB demo of Legends of Aranna to be precise, available at 3D Gamers and Gamer's Hell (though you probably have your own preference).

We're rather vaguely aware that the demo comes complete with 'a bit' of the single player campaign to hack and slash your way through. We're only vaguely aware because Microsoft hasn't seen fit to actually tell anyone what's in there before they get the chance to play it. Still, if you like it, perhaps you could even go and buy it when it comes out on Friday. If you don't own the original Dungeon Siege then fret not, for the expansion contains the title in its entirety. Bargainous!

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