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Invisible War goes gold

Plus: Warren Spector speaks out - 'Give us a chance will you?!'

The PC version of Deus Ex: Invisible War has now gone gold, meaning the game will make its previously announced US shelf date of December 3rd - we presume it's still on track for February over here (we can almost hear the torrent sites creaking under the strain).

While this announcement will be of great relief to PC gamers used to big titles slipping at the 11th hour, to the many who downloaded the recent demo it will mean that the team at Ion Storm haven't adjusted many of the issues the avid (or is that rabid?) fan-base practically demanded in the wake of their disappointment, so bad was the demo's reception.

However, Warren Spector spoke up yesterday on Ion Storm's forums to try and allay some of the community's fears, stating that while the demo is representative of a tiny portion of gameplay types within Invisible War it is not representative of the game's plot, character development or skill-set, or indeed the game as a whole. It seems the series' fans may well have jumped the gun in assuming the Deus Ex model has been "dumbed-down" and simplified for console gamers, and that the PC version is a mere port.

Along with his extensive reassurances that Invisible War is very much a more finely-tuned title than its predecessor, he also posted a FAQ which resolves some of the technical issues that people were having with the demo in the hope of giving disappointed fans the chance to get a second opinion. All being well, we should have an Invisible War-flavoured article for you just after the US release.