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Vanilla Cube deal gets Zelda backing

Collector's Edition disc slipped into every box from December 1st.

Nintendo's Zelda Collector's Edition disc for GameCube has become a highly desirable commodity - it no doubt helped boost sales of the GameCube/Mario Kart bundle, it's got readers scrambling to cobble together the 4,500 star points required to 'purchase' it when it joins the Star Catalogue on December 1st, and now the platform holder is using it as the basis for another sales incentive - the vanilla GameCube bundle.

Yes, starting December 1st anybody who buys a GameCube for £79.99 will also get their hands on a Zelda Collector's Edition disc, making this arguably the cheapest way to get hold of the elusive trinket, which will probably end up changing hands on eBay in the future for silly sums of money. Although Nintendo's decision to market the bundle as a GameCube "and four free games" is pretty tenuous, they got away with it and won a whole legion of new fans with Mario All-Stars on the Super Nintendo, so who knows how this will impact sales?

The Zelda Collector's Edition disc, for those who missed all the hoo-hah, consists of the two NES Zelda games (The Legend of Zelda and Link's Adventure) and the two N64 Zelda games (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask). It also harbours a demo of Cube title The Wind Waker - and speaking of which, the disc that shipped with that in May was different in that it only had Ocarina of Time, the Japanese "Master Quest" and some game trailers. Got it?