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Win your own dev studio

Courtesy of Sony Japan.

Bored of all the game concepts out there right now? Reckon you've got a better idea? Then why not enter Sony Japan's new Yaroze 2006 competition and show 'em how it should be done.

Sony is inviting both amateurs and professionals to submit game ideas for the PS2, PSP and PS3. The winner will receive acess to a studio and development team, project funds and living expenses, and of course the unparalleled joy of seeing their very own game on shop shelves.

This isn't the first time Sony has run such a competition - previous winners include the creators of Devil Dice, Bombtastic and Doko Demo Issho. But it is the first time entrants have been invited to submit ideas for PSP and PS3, rather excitingly.

Fancy giving it a shot? Well you'll have to wait until November 15, since that's when the 'Let's Play a Game' competition website will launch, via which you'll be able to send in your application. The closing date for entries will be some time in February 2006. It's not yet known whether Jack Thompson will be entering.