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Gearbox commits to Unreal 3

BIA dev in love with Epic's engine.

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Gearbox Software, the Texas-based development studio behind the Brothers in Arms games for PC and consoles, has confirmed its commitment to using Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

"We've used most of the major 3D engines on the market, and without a doubt Unreal Engine 3 is the best. Epic's tools, technology and support are fantastic," said studio president Randy Pitchford.

"We've chosen Unreal Engine 3 as the exclusive technology we will use for all of our own titles going forward into the next generation. We're confident that our ability to continue to create world-class titles will be enhanced by this choice."

Epic VP Mark Rein commented: "Gearbox Software has done amazing work on several of the industry's top franchises and with Brothers In Arms they created their own hugely successful world-class entertainment property."

"It is especially gratifying for us that Gearbox Software has chosen Unreal Engine 3 as the technology for their original games for the next generation."

Gearbox recently finished work on PS2 shooter Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, due out in Europe on October 28. The studio's next projects will include a Brothers in Arms title for the PlayStation 3.

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