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Super Doom 3 for PS3?

Carmack tosses idea around.

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Doom co-creator John Carmack has revealed that he's considering developing a "super" version of the latest instalment in the series for Sony's next-generation console.

"One idea we've been sort of tossing around that is just a random idea is possibly doing some kind of super edition of the Doom 3 stuff for the PS3.

"It's something that we'd kind of like to do," Carmack told US magazine Game Informer.

So what's a "super edition", exactly? Carmack's not saying at this point, unfortunately. But he did tell Game Informer that he prefers developing for the Xbox 360 rather than the PS3, so we do know he's not nailing his colours to Sony's mast alone.

Carmack also said that id Software is unlikely to have direct involvement with the next Doom game - instead, it'll be passed on to another studio, as Quake 4 was. There's no word on who'll pick up the torch yet [but presumably they'll have to put it down when they want to start coding - Ed].

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