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Polyphony plans GT4 Prologue

Final game to appear on two DVDs.

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When Gran Turismo 4 slipped to 2004, we were upset, but the widespread reaction wasn't quite what we'd expected. Given the enormous excitement generated by GT3: A-Spec, we rather thought everyone would be up in arms, complaining bitterly and generally rising up in the streets and toppling governments. It didn't happen.

However for those of you who entertained such ideas in the aftermath of the fateful slip news, here's something to break up the flow of swearwords rocketing from your gob this month: Sony is planning a teaser package dubbed "Gran Turismo 4 Prologue", featuring a preview version of the game comprising one race course in Time Attack and one licence test. It probably won't make it out of Japan, but eager importers should be able to get their hands on it this December.

Also, this morning The Magic Box reported that Polyphony Digital plans to release GT4 in spring 2004 (no big surprise there) on two DVDs. A number of websites have also been reporting that Polyphony is planning a couple of manufacturer-centric versions of GT4 to help flog cars. Gran Turismo 4 Prius Toyota Version will likely be the first, and if you happen to wander into a Japanese Toyota showroom, you can have a go on it with a GT Force Pro steering wheel to check out the firm's 2004 range of cars. Err...

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