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MS plans pre-TGS X360 reveal

Kameo playable at the show, too.

Microsoft has announced that it's to host a press conference in Tokyo on the 15th of September, one day ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Game Show, with more of the firm's strategy for Xbox 360 in Japan expected to be announced.

So far, the company's plans for the Japanese market remain tightly under wraps - with the date, price and software line-up for the launch still unrevealed, despite the fact that US and European pricing was announced earlier this month.

Microsoft is likely to use the pre-TGS conference as a chance to discuss at least some of those details, as well as an opportunity to champion its newly-forged ties with Japanese publishers and developers.

The conference will be followed on the 16th by a keynote address at TGS from Microsoft's chief Xbox officer, Robbie Bach, with the other keynote at the show being delivered by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Japan has revealed that Kameo: Elements of Power will be released on Xbox 360 in that region. It hasn't confirmed a date, but has said the game will be playable during the Tokyo Game Show.