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PC version of Pro Evo 3 exists

But things aren't yet clear-cut.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is underway at KCET and will be released in November this year, according to reports last week from the Games Convention event in Leipzig.

Like its predecessors, PES3 is bound by a PS2 exclusivity arrangement, but as with the Silent Hill series, Konami is free to do whatever it wants with the game on the PC.

Last week's web reports said that the PC version would feature all the modes and animation routines of the PS2 version with new player models designed specifically for the PC version.

According to a Konami spokesman, PES3 for the PC exists, "sort of", and a release date is apparently yet to be confirmed. Although the game won't be appearing at ECTS this week, the official announcement should be on the Konami press kit, hopefully with more details.

Meanwhile Winning Eleven 7, which topped the charts in Japan last week, has reportedly now sold more than one million copies.

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