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Free downloads for PSP

PlayStation Spot launches Friday.

Sony is launching a new PSP download service this Friday, offering everyone who can get to a participating store the chance to grab free game demos, music tracks, movie trailers and more.

GAME is just one of the stores participating in the launch, and will be opening the wireless floodgates at its stores in Oxford Street, London and Crown Walk, Milton Keynes.

There's been no mention of a specific promotion at the London store - though we're sure there'll be something on offer - but we do know that the Milton Keynes store are working with Sony to create a LocoRoco Funday and giving away a ceramic white PSP with software.

Similar to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Download Stations for the DS, content will only be accessible whilst the machine's on, so you can't store it to a memory card and play it on the bus home, sadly.

It does give you a fair crack at the whole try-before-you-buy thing though, and might just open your minds to some new games and content you might otherwise have overlooked.

Sony's hoping to roll the service out fully next year, but in the meantime, you can head over to the PlayStation Spot website for a list of participating stores up and down the UK.