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Naruto PS2 this November

Courtesy of Atari.

Atari has stepped up to distribute Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on PS2 in Europe this November.

It's Namco Bandai's game, technically, but since the Japanese company doesn't handle its own releases over here it's palmed it off to Atari.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja - previously known as Naruto: Narutimate Ninja, and not to be confused with the Xbox 360 game of the same being produced by Ubisoft - lets you take control of 14 characters from the Naruto anime.

Which, since you might not know, is about a young ninja-in-training called Uzumaki Naruto, who learns ninjitsu with classmates Sakura and Sasuke under the tutelage of a chap called Kakashi.

Inevitably they wind up on adventures, but Ultimate Ninja is more of a beat-'em-up, with four gameplay modes (story, mission, free battle and practice) offering plenty of one-on-one bouts to test your mettle.

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