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Suikoden V on for Euro release

Over there in 'Q3'.

More Konami-based excitement: Suikoden V for PS2 will be released in Europe this autumn, the publisher announced today.

Described as "a celebration of all that is good about the series" by Konami and "hopefully therefore nothing to do with Suikoden IV" by Rob, it sees players travelling Farlena on the hunt for a Sun Rune, potentially building up a following of some 108 characters.

There are a number of "possible and surprise endings" to be had, as well as 3D landscapes, six-character battles - apparently one of the "all that is good about the series" bits - and mini-games.

We'll bring you more on it all soon. It's out in the US on March 28th, so you should be well-versed in its strengths by the time it rolls around in Europe later this year.