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Crash Racing PSP trailers

It's out today, you know.

Vivendi has released three new trailers for the PSP version of Crash Tag Team Racing - and they're now available for download.

CTTR is being brought to you by Radical Entertainment, the studio behind The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and features on-foot exploration as well as plenty of combat racing action.

Just as in the PS2 game (which we reviewed earlier this month), CTTR has a unique "clashing" system which lets you fuse your car with an opponents in the middle of a race. Then you can choose whether to stay in the driver's seat, or take over weapon duties and blam your way across the finishing line.

The PSP version has a wireless co-op mode plus a tournament mode, where each player competes alone in a series of races and the overall winner is determined at the end.

Crash Tag Team Racing PSP is out today.