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Warp Pipe making progress

Not long now until Mario Kart goes online.

A while ago you may remember we got excited about Warp Pipe, a clever little piece of software which aims to take Mario Kart: Double Dash and other Nintendo games online using the GameCube's broadband adapter and a bit of network tunnelling, and pointed you to an alpha release.

Obviously since then Mario Kart has hit the shelves, and unfortunately the alpha version of Warp Pipe was in no state to support multiplayer games using the retail release. The good news though is that the team is planning to release a beta build, which will support the retail release of Mario Kart, in the very near future, and have uploaded a video of two gamers 250 miles apart racing around WaLuigi Stadium, which you can download using BitTorrent from the Warp Pipe website.

Their latest news update also reveals that a router is no longer required to use Warp Pipe, and that the following setups have been successfully tested: Hub/Switch direct to Internet, NAT (DSL/cable router), two PC network cards, NAT plus Hub/Switch, USB cable modem plus network card. Which should just about cover all the bases.

It's been a while since Rupert and I have had the opportunity to pummel Kristan at Mario Kart, so as soon as we get our hands on a working build of Warp Pipe we'll try and put it to the test.