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Lords of EverQuest gold

Have another demo to celebrate.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Lords of EverQuest, the real-time strategy game based on its supposedly rather popular massively multiplayer game and developed by Rapid Eye Entertainment, has gone gold. According to publishing partner Ubisoft's latest release schedule, the game is now due out on December 5th.

Furthermore, if you still haven't got head around Lords of EverQuest after three multiplayer demos, you're now being given the chance to tackle a single-player mission from the Dawn Brotherhood's perspective - which may mean we have another couple of LoQ single-player demos to look forward to as well.

Fortunately this one comes in a slightly more palatable but still fairly massive archive of 197MB, which you can download from 3D Gamers, etc. Still, at least it's not 400MB like the multiplayer demos.