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Project Three signs Kult

Isometric RPG gets European publisher.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive has acquired the European rights to Slovakian studio 3D People's isometric RPG Kult (formerly known as "Cult"). Those "European" rights apparently include Australia, New Zealand and Israel, but, er, not Russia and former USSR states.

Kult, which has been in development for almost three years, uses an internally developed zoomable and smooth-scrolling isometric engine bristling with light/day and weather effects, plus an advanced particle system for rendering spells and explosions.

Apart from that, all we really know is that Kult can be played either an action game or an adventure game - presumably meaning Diablo style or something more Baldur's Gate-y, with plenty of NPCs and quests for those with a penchant for narrative structure, and plenty of whopping stats for the rest of you: 50 maps, 100 "unique" weapons, 50 spells, 25 skills, 30 monsters - you know the drill.

Kult is due out in Q2 2004.

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