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videoGaiden series two dated

November. Plus: swearing.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

BBC2 Scotland has announced that the second series of videoGaiden - the TV evolution of Consolevania which Ellie always tells me off for liking - will return to TV and the Internet in November.

Those of you who enjoyed the last one will be pleased to hear that the new show will feature half-hour episodes, and according to the chaps who make it, will be "a studio show".

"It just means we're not presenting the whole show from the bins outside the flats, like last series," the boys explain. "How the f*** did we end up in a big studio, though? Crazy times, eh?"

The BBC also promises a "greatly enhanced web presence, over and above the streamed episodes of series one".

Which reminds us - those of you failing to keep up with Consolevania will want to head over there and download recent efforts.

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