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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Get pressed, played and promoted with Music 3000

A competition that could be worth entering.

Jester, developers of Music 3000, a music-making package that we write about because it's on a games console, are today encouraging users to build up a decent tune and submit it to a panel of music industry judges. Those whose work impresses will then be invited to London in September to take part in a Music 3000 workshop, polishing up their tunes ahead of a party at the AKA in London later that month, where the winning track will be aired and announced.

Not only will the winner have their tune played and grooved to at a funky London location though, but they will also have their music pressed to vinyl on a limited run of 500 and distributed to top DJs and industry A&Rs nationwide, whilst a PR campaign kicks off to highlight their talent.

It's certainly one of the more interesting competitions we've seen recently. From PS2 owner to career musician in one or two steps, eh? Good luck to all who enter. Full details are available at