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Play 360 games while leeching

Background downloading soon.

Xbox 360 owners desperate for the option to download files in the background might not have to wait that long - according to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article, pulled since it was uncovered, an "Active Download" update was originally due out on Tuesday.

"Active Download" would allow 360 owners to add desired downloads to a list of files to be downloaded, allowing you to "stream music, play DVDs or CDs, play arcade titles, and play games while you download an item from the marketplace".

"If you start to play an online game, the download is automatically paused while you play the game to help prevent game lag because of network congestion. This helps you receive the best online gaming experience that the network can provide."

Sounds quite logical though. The system will also do a better job of handling incomplete files - with the option to resume downloads during a separate session also included in the update.

There's also talk of a toggle to boot the console directly to the 360 dashboard, without automatically loading a game or DVD disc, along with some measure of update to DVD playback.

Microsoft's pulled the Knowledge Base article (from regional sites too), and has yet to comment on it, but it sounds like we can expect some form of download helper quite soon, which is definitely good news.

We'll let you know when it happens - or you might just log in one day and find it downloading automagically. Hurrah.