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South Park for PSP

Paramount signs up for UMD.

Paramount Pictures has announced plans to support the UMD format by releasing its first batch of film and TV titles for the PSP.

First up is Team America ([brilliant -Ed] puppet film from the South Park creators), Coach Carter (Samuel L. Jackson plays tough-but-fair and impossibly cool basketball coach) and Without a Paddle (City Slickers meets Deliverance. And Oz out of Buffy. Rubbish).

Then there's Sahara, starring Matthew McConaughey, and Viva La Bam: Volume 1, which "focuses on the fanatical and often extreme life of pro-skateboarder Bam Margera". Perhaps he'll actually murder his father in this one, just to keep us interested.

Cartoon fans can look forward to South Park: Volume 1 and Ren and Stimpy Volume 1 1/2ish. There's also Chapelle's Show: Volume 1 (some American comedy series starring some bloke called Dave Chapelle) and two offerings from the hateful SpongeBob SquarePants. We're not even going to dignify them with full titles.

All the UMDs are due to launch this August, but in the US only - so get your import orders in now. Just remember kids, American UMDs will only play on American PSPs. It's the law.