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DogTag for PC, Xbox 360

New details and screens.

Digital Jesters has unveiled DogTag, its forthcoming tactical squad shooter for PC and Xbox. You can see some screenshots here.

"Think Full Spectrum Warrior, but taken to the next level," a Digital Jesters representative told Eurogamer.

"DogTag offers a unique blend of cover-based gameplay, intense combat action and a dramatic, controversial storyline. It's something all fans of squad-based shooters should be very excited about."

The game puts you in the role of a Special Ops agent who's sent to Africa on a mission deal with a rogue marine battalion.

It seems their colonel has gone mental, Kurtz-style, leading a mutiny against central command with the support of an unknown number of troops. Your mission is to arrest and capture the mutineers, or failing that, shoot them all dead. Simple.

Expect intense combat scenarios in urban locations, from modern day cities to industrial wastelands. You'll have to work hard to seek out defensive cover, making the most of your environment and using blind-fire tactics to destroy your enemies.

Who, by the way, will be wise to all your usual strategies - having been trained by the very same army. They're equipped with the latest military hardware, vehicles and weaponry, too. Ouch.

DogTag is being developed by Diezel Power using a proprietary game engine for full environmental and player collision physics, dynamic shadow and lighting effects and all-round spanky graphics. It's due out next summer.